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Marketing Essence ๛

We all carry a different marketing essence within us.

Rather than giving people external marketing rules, I'd like to give them a connection to their inner marketing compass. And that's what this 2 hour class is all about.

Connecting to your marketing essence is like turning on an inner light bulb that shines lights on the whole field of marketing.

It becomes easier to do marketing as yourself in your own way, backed up by your own core energy.

For four years, I've guided my 1-1 clients through the deep process of connecting to their marketing essence (or Calling). Every marketing journey starts with it. This is the first time I'm opening up this practice to a bigger audience, and it means a lot to me. 


๛ A 2 hour recording
๛ Price: €25. This is a symbolic amount. 
๛ In t
he last 15 minutes of the session, I share about Light Codes - a course that offers the marketing foundations I've been offering to 1-1 clients



 Is this for me?

I'm inviting you to listen to your body and resonance to learn whether this is the right event for you right now. This event will offer you an energetic + embodied approach to marketing. 

 Are there prerequisites?

This session will work best if you have a basic level of embodiment, and if you're feeling a clear openness to explore your marketing from an energetic standpoint. The connection with your marketing essence (Calling) cannot be forced. I found people will often know inside if they're ready to connect to their Calling - like mothers who know when it's time to birth their child.






t e s t i m o n i a l s ๛๛ (from 1-1 sessions)

Working with Ayla touched my heart deeply, as I realized that my calling is exactly what I was doing for my clients for a few years, but somehow was not listening to my authority enough to let go of some doubts from time to time. That opened a totally new door for me to just be… And everything else follows. From the bottom of my heart – thank you Ayla, you’re a true lightworker 💫❤️😍


I found my TRUE calling. The thing that makes Ayla different is her soft and honest compassion cut straight through my ego and allowed me to see glimpses of who I really am past all my distractions. She held space for me as I cried and realized how beautiful life is to me. No one has ever helped me get there as quickly as she did.


The profoundness of a session with Ayla cannot truly be described except to say she will exquisitely guide you to the depth of the truth of who you are, to your calling, with an effortless precision. With deep holding, compassion and even laughter.


My calling sesssion with Ayla was truly an amazing experience. With her profound knowledge, experience and sensitivity she took me on a wonderful journey to better understand myself and learned me to talk from the heart.